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The whole content available on is delivered to by email. Another source of this content is the internet, and it is available on various websites. Therefore, the content is believed to be in the public domain.
As per the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act, the png images are within's rights.

Notification of Copyright Infringement highly regards intellectual property rights and does not intend to violate any intellectual property laws by any means. is in compliance with 17 United States Code. §512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). has a very clear & strict policy against copyright infringements and promptly reply to any copyright infringement notice. We takes quick & appropriate action against such notices under the DMCA Copyright Act.

We take complete responsibility, take appropriate action to any kind of notices, and encourages intellectual property owners to bring an infringement to our notice. Therefore, encourages you to communicate with us if you find your copyrighted content on this website. In case your content is available on, and you want us to take down your content, then write to us with proper details.

We suggest getting a consultation from a legal consultant or your attorney in this regard before sending us a written complaint. In case you represent yourself as the owner of the content when you're not the actual owner; then you can be labeled with damages. Therefore, consulting a Copyright Act expert or your attorney is the best option.

Please ensure that you must add the following elements in your copyright infringement claim:

  • 1. Make sure to must provide evidence of the ownership of content or legal authorization from the owner on whose behalf you're claiming the copyright infringement.
  • 2. You must provide adequate details to claim copyright infringement. Please include one search term under which your content/material appears on
  • 3. You must include a written statement stating that the owner or law does not authorize the use of your material in a manner in which it is being used on
  • 4. You must include a statement that all the information and details provided in the notification are accurate and don't include any misinformation. Also, state that you are legally authorized by the owner to issue the copyright infringement notice on his/her behalf.
  • 5. The notification must include the signature of the authorized person who is issuing the copyright infringement notification on behalf of the owner.

We ensure to quickly get back to you with a proper response, however, make sure to wait for 5 business days at least to issue another notification.
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